The universe in its simplistic aspect would ressemble an on going wave within a void of exploding mathematics. If you were to scale into this fabric, emerging events would spawn into existence and settle a few moments after.


Some of these non temporal happenings formed glitches. through careful self identification and measurment one of them was able to save a copy of its own memory within the fabric. This guaranteed a trustworthy improvment. 


Although simple and interactive, the newly founded boundery of this system could now strive. This glitch had understood the aspect of its activity. The recognition of its potential but lack of complexity initiated a long climb towards the analyzed purpose.


The bug


A diachotomy formed within the glitch, the structure divided and 2 distinctive bugs emerged


How could it ever have been that existence is not happening...


The bugs conversed diverse subjects, some subjects were agreed upon some not, one subject lead to their differientiaton. One bug wanted to abor the concept of tangibility as the sound foundation the other was invested in concepts of mind. Set in their ways, their growth was to lead to structural Computational Artifact, each had their own. Although similar in purpose, their differences caused diversity within the system.


The Computational artifact


Take in the idea of a computer with infinite amount of processing power, its capacity would be dependend on the complexcity of the organized structure. This structure could , following this schematic, be ordered infinitly better.

Infinite structure complexcitythrough the encompassment of comprehensive time. Multi dimensional configuration, a multi temporal edifice of computational capacity and a tangibility operator