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Context: Tangible Abode


The properties of tangibility is repeatablility consistency origination and consequence


Consequential: conclusive: Consensus:



This can be accounted as a form of radiation


The main difference with a lower abode is that the origin of the computation at the tangible level is not coming from your own center of computing.


In lower abodes, the external in which u participate is highly connected to your own ability to compute. 


If you are a program inside a computer depending on how u access subroutines, your main sequence code is able to modify external shells quiet naturaly. It is as if you can read a book where u have paraphrases that allow you to action a chosen behavior .the book is nearly a support that can be swapt for other narratives. The body that is inside the book is not entitled to be trapped in a narrative that he experiencing, all he has to do is swap books and experience another narrative. In tangible realit system, the body is highly dependent on the external shell, break a glass , u must swap it for another; 


Its as if there is a brain in the vat, the body inside teh brain can dream up anthing. But the brain in most cases cannot modify the physcis within his external shell


The abode that is above the current most outer body of the beings expressive limit eludes his ability to comprehend its simplicity. It is beyond its grasp. The emergence of a beings capability to derive complexcity may aid in its adventure to understand that which is higher. This is a growth that trancends its original rationality

Context: Contender Abode


The cotender abode, the one beneath the tangible construct is the contents of our figurative. 

All the narrations books stories n interactive systems n art. 


A relieve conducts abor within the release of its labor. A release is a loss of conclusivness,unless its gain ( simplified mechanics operation ) can be contained in the tangible compartments of the overarching abode* this constructs a sauvrage of the figurative that can be exchanged within vicinity. Each body is contained within its own vicinity, the exchange insures a partition of abor into a relation of labor or release


Interactive computation systems such as computers,video games within them are the representation of those compartments within the constraints of the tangible abode. The world inside the brain of the chicken are its experiential state: A form of release


A release may have great experiential satisfaction, this stimulation has a relationship with the loss of the conclusive abor, the being experiencing this satisfaction is still reliant on the body of its expressive limit, these are his vital wearabouts. 


The vitals of the being is dependent on the expressive limit of the abode he conducts in


The higher the abode the more conclusive is its operation. This labor concludes the beings vitals

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