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Context: Vicinity
Chicken and the Egg






External shell



Chicken n the egg, the inner body within the brain and the external intergrated body within the egg.The untangible inner frame within the body in teh brain of the chicken, not to be confused with the body within the egg. The house of the chicken is the reside within the egg. He conducts daily activity with his body. This home within the egg would be regarded as a tangible system .


Tangibility is a structural frame where we can relate to its space configuration as an occupation of points.


Objects that are tangible can be .

1; located;

2 displacable;

3 countable


Tagibility can be derived mechanicly in the form of a viable operation that presents itself as a reduced function, provided by a set of physics*


A trancendence of abode is a reduction of linguisticis which produce a new reality format. And abode is a format of linguistics deriving a reality:


How is the overall tangible system related to a beings capacity to derive an understanding of its operation*? its interactive organ*( Manipulation instrument).



A being is occupies a state which is identified by his ability to manipulate, the instrument of manipulation is related to its levle of comprehention which determines the vital bodies consequential level

////////The ability to operate regarding teh manipulative capability relates to the comprehention status of the how the vital body’s consequence is upon it, the highest abode available represents the the reside of the vital body and the mechanics of its consequence.


Tangibility is the place occupied by humans, it is how we picture ourselves within a consenquential world.


Tangbility is a type of abode


An abode can be described as a level of complexcity. Its bounderies are defined by operations that sustain it. Often abodes are considered to be nested


A world within a computer game or the body inside teh chickens brain. Is dependent on the overarching status of the attained comprehension level of the highest abode. Unless the vitals are not within the abode above, this defines the bounderies of the beings knowledge and level of complexcity:


Based on our model, we Say the body in teh chickens brain is one level below of tangibility structure compared to the echelon of the shell, teh chicken in the egg is unaware of the mechanics at the next level of operation passed the shell. (Shells within shells) His limit of operation is description of the level of his current understanding which defines the type of abode he is in. Abodes can be defined as levels within shells. For the chicken sake he has 2 that are of use(in this particular instance of the model).


-body where the brain is carried which is right below the eggs shell


-The level of the body in teh brain inside the chickens head, the vital head is the body in the shell, the body in the brain is inside the head of the chicken in the shell


The first abode is sustained by the higher abode. The abodes that are within the chickens comprehension are the extent of his vicinity and capacity for observation. Lower abodes are of generaly less aborh. The derivation due to observation of a labors operation allows for its comprehentions and so this abor is the conduction of an overarching labor


A vicinity is an extent a beings appreciation defined by his knowledge and operation within abodes, the highest abode is where the vicinity of its vital or level of consequential body resides.


Each level of abode has a general simplified physics function. A set of operatiosn or mechanics that elude the perciever within the lower shell.


Tangibility is a type of abode, its purpose is the register of an events origin, in consensus terms it allows for the origins agreement: an conclusive abor of physical activity


Are shells necessarly commanded by a higher order. Shells are sustained by a relational exchange peforming a division of abor between individuals which conducts a shared labor. The complexcity of this exchange is in relation to the sustainability of abodes echelon, higher abodes have a simplicitic operation, this generates a diverse way to exchange.


A concrete difference between the tangible abode and the one beneath is that drawing or writing with a pencil isnt conclusive


An abode assures a trust in its conclusivness

If one were to conduct the reduced function mechanics within a reality below the echelon readly viable,.That operation would be impossible via the interactive organ available in those quarters because that reality doesnt allow for such simplicity. It is dependend on the abode above where those operations are reduced as a set of viable functions


If a beings vitals were in contender and he were to process the tangible abodes viable mechanics. Its interaction would elude its rationality as he cannot operate linguistically in that physics domain,

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