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Context: Womb




A womb is a general Construct of attendence. (ea. Space opera)

A Density contains multiple abodes.


Realities one would consider magic are indeed other types of rulesets conducted by systems just as complex as the construct we reside in. The rulesets are within a constraint ressembling our own but its difference renders other types of physics which to us would be a keen to magical.


Difference between Cotender abodes:

Magic in contender abodes can usualy be captured within the contained organsation of our computational outputs within reality, such as video games inside a physical computer system, the freedom experienced through their stimulation when present within the cotender reality system inside the chickens brain is an emersed experienced data set of that rule set contained in the physical machine. The physical machien is built off the constraints of the tangible echelon where the machines physical processes are consequential to the constraints of that abode.


Radioactive rulesets containing magic:

Are uncontainable within the tangible level we occupy in our echelon of every day world. To be clear, in these other systems, you central computing center ( or brain) is not able to modify its external shell. This is because the main body carries that brain within those systems. So there for, the vital body within one of these reality Density's suffer consequence like our own vitals in our radio active abode. 

Example; Lord of the rings, starwars, Doom, Tyrian


These rulsets enable chemistry and radioactivity that inspire to the likes of what we portray in our figurative within the tangible abode such as movies and art, the level conveyed within its display cannot but a full description of that reality, it allows us to figurativley speak on its behalf.


In star artifact figurative, this is in the likes of another type of device. 

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