Here to explain how i came to develop my own inner thought architecture. I have been studying and testing these types of developments for  a decade. their purpose remains as an extra curricular activity. The effort in developing such "abillities" are rewarding. although these conversations may not be for everyone and requires some latent knowledge on a diverse range of subjects, its conclusion can be apreciated by those who can understand what is infered by such words as simulacrum or subjective thought architecture.

The Spiritual tone may be used to gather in more vague concepts into a framework where we can better the perspective being discussed.

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About Myself:

In relationships, iv been through differing avenues, haven't always done my chores, made some mistakes. Doing what is proposed on this site might not always get you in perfect lifestyle, might bring about old battles and some introspection on situations that haven't always gone right. In Relationships, it might make you question your sincerity, wake up old feud in an attempt to resolve them. You can go on in life, ignoring a lot of the things that are important. Each person is different, often the solution stares at us in the face, and we cannot even get to the first logical approach on what the issue is. It can get complicated just to say simple things. Often the solution to the problem lies outside the box. We need a good view. The battle might get harder, but you are given what you can handle. Great satisfaction lies ahead. Often, a good improvement gives us more options in our experience, having a rich set of available choices is always better than seeing black and white. I invite you to your life's mission. A real development of self potential. One doesn't have to sore million dollar heights to be content. What I propose is a complete array of self revision and application in one's overall system in order to develop simulations within your intellect. Improvement won't happen in a 2-week base, we need at least 2 years in a positive incremental approach to get our foot in the door. it's about knowing ourselves better, and of course monsters lurk deep within. One must see errors as an opportunity. This is more of a technical discussion about how our intellect can render and do things with real computational results.

In terms of how this may help you with projects and other pratical applications, This service may help you develop the correct interpretation tools where you are able to assimilate different types of knowledge skills without carrying the baggage of a single trade. you can adapt to situations, in other words you may wish to understand how certain components of a system works, or how key aspects link together to form a an agglomiration of interlocking features. as a node within a system, you are able to navigate its features, develop your own map and construct something worthwhile. what i will be teaching are the fundementals of reality so that we may apply that recursive knowledge and extrapolate ideas  based on the  field you are interested in.

What can this do for you


As the central ingredient in one's ability to exist, the most realistic part of any type of sentient system is its ability to perceive feel act and respond. The accepted model, that we occupy a space within the physical universe, is what we must revise and dismantle in an attempt to bring in a new model. The self will be actualized and a new central function will emerge. We will not disregard physical reality, on the contrary, we will upgrade our vantage point, and get a better view before beginning with the dissecting.


The development of one's awareness eventually invites the concepts of thought. What is a thought, is the experience of a thought the same as its physical process? Am I in control of my thoughts? Mood emotion. What's its relationship with the physical world? The brain is basically a Computer, naturally it can do what all computers do: process and generate data, read write copy. Thoughts are the seat, from where one conducts its programming. Obviously, the brain isn't running Windows 95.


What makes thoughts viably real? What regulates it? What's its potential energetic wise? In real world aspects, we are attempting to become more organized on every echelon. The loss of order is an eventuality due to the tangibly real. Living agents must continually renew. In our discourse, we will attempt to organize the inner and outer aspects of our sentient system.

Reality of Numbers and Simulation

One accepts the reality he/she is presented with ("Truman show"), an example of objectivity. Tangible reality is where we share our physical existence with others, we are reassured that they experience the same thing we do. My services require a deep introspection  to take place, in an attempt to acknowledge or wake up the Subjective side, which is, just as rich as the objective after a soul has properly developed that side of his/herself. Subjectivity is more private, but no less real or unimportant. In fact, it is the part we would gladly discard as it lacks any tangible substance there for, we regard those aspects as not really real. These are some concepts we must renew.

Our greatest potential is hindered, because we fear. This is the exact reason why one is where he/she is. everyone deals with this emotion in their own way, conscious acknowledgment of its existence of where why how is crucial in ever attempting to solve its generative source. We grow in increments by solving its origin, through steady contemplation a sentient system may reduce overall emotional entropy disorder. Reduced fear in a system allows for our exploration to continue, unhindered.

The reality of  the stimulation of our processes render real outputs, because they are the result of a computation. What motivates a want for this experience? The answer is simple, Stimulation and potential. If we can get a clear picture of our place within this universe, and why this concept is appealing, To those who can appreciate this model have gained the keys to their own personal make do. The growth of options as potential becomes ordered allowing for the entire system's general entropy to be reduced. The goal is to create a satisfactory experience and growth potential within our everyday niche.


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These are some other general things we may wish to discuss. All these subjects can be regrouped in the same general topic for our development.